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One of the most extensive and popular options for tooth replacement is dentures, which are natural-looking dental appliances of artificial teeth that enable our team at St. Marys Dental Center to easily and efficiently restore missing teeth in your smile. Below, we have listed the uses of dentures that can benefit your smile and oral health:

– You can customize your dentures to your tooth loss by receiving partial dentures for a single missing tooth or teeth in a row or covering a full arch of missing teeth with complete dentures.

– You can easily and safely remove your dentures for cleanings and to rest your smile overnight.

– Dentures are custom crafted to meet the needs and preferences of your smile.

– Unaddressed tooth loss allows surrounding teeth to slide into the gap and destabilize your gums, but fitting the area with dentures restores stabilization and keeps all of the teeth in their proper positions.

– Dentures support any sagging facial structures, providing your facial profile with a younger and healthier-looking appearance.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of dentures with one of our skilled dentists, to determine if you should receive dentures in St Marys, Kansas, we invite you to call St. Marys Dental Center at 785-437-2771 and schedule a consultation. Drs. Jay W. Hildreth, Linda Kenworthy, Antoinette Cancelada, and Kyung Kim are here for your oral health!