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Are you involved in any physical activities that can put your mouth at risk? If your smile is at risk of suffering from severe dental damage or facial trauma, you will want to use a mouth guard. Furthermore, not only is a mouth guard important, but the care and treatment you give your mouth guard is essential to ensure it can function properly. Listed below are three common forms of mouth guards to try:

Boil-and-bite mouth guards are inserted into warm water and bitten into to create your exact dental impression.

Custom-made mouth guards are specifically crafted for your dental impression and can be made by your dentist for your exact smile.

Stock mouth guards are typically cheaper, and they come preformed and are ready to wear. However, that can lead to problems with them not fitting correctly.

Speak with your dentist to determine which kind is right for you. Once you have your set of mouth guards, it is crucial to care for them, so they can always function effectively. If they should ever show any signs of decay or damage, they need to be replaced. In addition, be sure to clean your mouth guards effectively, and store them in a safe location, that is out of harm’s way of siblings and family pets.

Furthermore, children and teens will need to replace their mouth guards more often, as their mouths are always changing in size while growing.

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