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A toothache can stop anyone in their tracks. That is why understanding the cause of, and seeking treatment for a toothache is essential when you experience one. Here at St. Marys Dental Center in St Marys, Kansas, our team cares for your oral health, which is why we are happy to give you this basic information on treating toothaches.

When it comes to a dreadful toothache, the first thing to remember to do is to visit your dentist, Dr. Jay W Hildreth as soon as possible, to get it properly diagnosed and treated before further damage or problems can occur. It is also essential to wash and rinse your mouth in case seeds or other small debris is caught in your gums or between your teeth. Another step you can try flossing to clean the area.

One tip when it comes to handling a toothache is to try a cool compress on your cheek near the toothache. This can help dull the painl and help you get through your day. You can also try an over-the-counter medication to assist with swelling and pain until you can come in for your visit. Contact us at 785-437-2771 for an appointment.