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In order to ensure your smile can continue to look and function as intended, it is important to keep it safe from oral health risks that can arise in your everyday life. It is important to help strengthen your tooth enamel by providing additional layers of protection. One highly effective treatment to consider is a dental sealant, which is a thin coating that is painted directly across the chewing surfaces of teeth. Information about dental sealants can be seen below:

– In order to ensure your mouth gets the care it needs, always protect your teeth through the use of dental sealants. Dental sealants can even go on strong and can lower your risk for tooth decay by as much as 80%.

– Dental sealants have proven to be effective for children as they can help lower the risk of dental erosion and cavities by threefold.

– Dental sealants are safe at any age and are extremely effective when they are placed on children around the age of 6. This age is significant because it is when their molars first begin to grow in.

– Dental sealants are known for their longevity as a single sealant application can last over 10 years.

– Enamel protection is essential for optimal oral health care, so the protection that sealants can provide is extremely important for helping to resist acid erosion.

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