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Do you frequently use your toothbrush? Hopefully you brush at least two times a day. Do you ever stop to think about your toothbrush? Maybe you have seen at it so many times, that it just fades into the background of your everyday life until it is time for it to be used once more. Today, we would like to bring it back out of obscurity with some fun facts about your toothbrush.

-Your toothbrushes lifespan could be up to three or four months. After that, your brush may not clean your teeth as well, and it should be replaced.
-There isn’t a correct order to brush or floss your teeth, as long as you are doing it.
-Some kind of toothbrush may have existed for 5,000 years. Anciently, some civilizations used what is referred to as a “chew stick,” or a thin twig with that has one end frayed, to remove food from their teeth.
-In 1770, William Addis made the first mass-produced toothbrush while he was imprisoned for inciting a riot. He saw how other prisoners cleaned their teeth with a rag covered with soot or salt. Addis kept an animal bone from dinner, received bristles from a guard, bored tiny holes into the bone, inserted the bristles and then sealed them with glue. Once he was released, he made a few modifications to his brush and then started a company producing them.

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