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While permanent teeth are strong, they can still be lost to gum disease and injury, which can affect your speech and bite force, which may also alter your facial shape. St. Marys Dental Center can help you regain your smile with customized dentures. To learn more about the process of denture creation for a beautiful new smile, we have provided a general review below.

You have multiple options for dentures to meet your tooth replacement needs, though your main choices are partial and complete restoration. As long as you still have healthy teeth remaining, you could be a candidate for partial dentures, though complete dentures may be more appropriate if most of your smile has been lost or extracted.

No matter which type of denture you choose, it can be customized to look fully natural. The first step in creating dentures is to create detailed impressions of your smile measurements, shape and appearance. These impressions allow us to submit models to a dental lab that replicate the color, shape and fit of your smile to transfer to the dentures. Once the dentures are made adna adjusted as needed, you can enjoy them for years to come.

You are welcome to contact St. Marys Dental Center at 785-437-2771 today to speak with Drs. Hildreth, Kenworthy, Cancelada, and Kim further about the process of dentures in St Marys, Kansas.